Clinical API Solutions


Empower Patients to Share Their Health Data Directly Into Your Workflow, App or Business Process


patient-released health data seamlessly into your business


data regardless of EHR system or access type (mobile, tablet, or desktop)


your business by delivering the data you need to create value and faster time to market

The Greenlight Difference:
Patient-Released Health Data

Patients connect to their health data - and send it directly into your workflow, system or app.

Our medical records retrieval platform leverages a patient's portal connection. Once that connection (or connections) are made, our secure APIs retrieve medical data, making it accessible in minutes.

How Does It Work:
Interoperability Breakthroughs

Medical record data can be collected, consolidated and securely delivered as structured data in minutes.

For companies that rely on comprehensive medical record collection for customer assessment, Greenlight Health APIs can be integrated right into existing software applications. This enables you to connect to healthcare information to engage with the patient, without having to wait on the time-consuming and manual medical record retrieval process.

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