We Change Everything
About Accessing
Health Data

The Premier
Patient-Initiated Health Data Retrieval Platform

Patients want (or need) to share their health data with a variety of providers, organizations and apps. Only Greenlight Health APIs put the patient in control of their health data capture and sharing.

Greenlight Health was created November 13th 2019 from the Medfusion Health Data Services business.

Bigger is Better

Greenlight’s network of health data connections covers 40+ EHRs and 700,000+ providers

Our Cross-EHR,
Health Data Exchange

Since 2015, when we were part of Medfusion, we’ve been working on novel ways to break down Health IT interoperability silos. By leveraging patients’ access to their health data we’ve taken a process that used to take weeks or months–down to just minutes.

Our Cross-EHR, <br>Cross-Provider <br>Health Data Exchange