“Greenlight” Access to Your Health Data

Our mission is centered on YOU and your family taking control over your health data. Our revolutionary platform puts you in control of your own data wherever and whenever you need it. Connect with us to securely acquire and consolidate your health data and manage sharing your medical information with the organizations you trust to improve your health.

We make your health records truly yours by enabling you to access and share your consolidated medical information.

Greenlight Health Data Solutions consolidates fragmented health data silos across the US to give you an aggregated view of your medical record data from all of your healthcare providers–physicians, hospitals, labs and pharmacies for free. Our unique healthcare industry expertise and two decades of experience with EHRs allows us to navigate and agnostically support the majority of EHR vendors to overcome variation and inconsistency.

Rest assured we are fully committed to strict security and privacy standards, your personal data is always safe with us.

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HIPAA compliant

“When my husband was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, he needed to be referred to University Medical Center for further testing and treatment. Using Greenlight, we consolidated his medical records and expedited getting him scheduled.”

“My specialist was about to order a complete blood panel, and I was able to easily show him my recent blood panel test results from my PCP instead of getting unnecessary tests (or poked again). Thank you, Greenlight!”

“I applied for a life insurance policy, and instead of having a medical exam in my home, Greenlight helped me access my medical records from my family doctor. I got my policy in a few hours after completing the application.”

“I was traveling abroad and came down with an awful earache. Finding care in a different country was challenging enough, so I was glad I didn’t have to worry about the medication prescribed to me interacting with my blood thinner since Greenlight allowed me to share my current medication list with a doctor in Canada right from my phone.”

“My sweet grandmother had a fall. When we were in the ER, I used Greenlight to share her medical history with the doctor on call. Having her data in the palm of our hands made it much easier on us and saved critical time with the ER care team.”

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