How To Stop Abuses In Patient Health Data Exchange

The misuse of patient health data is a concern in the marketplace, becoming more lucrative and widespread every year. While there are a number of regulations and data privacy rules in place by HIPAA to protect patients and their health data, numerous entities are seeking medical records through different network pathways while misrepresenting their purpose for requesting that data. These violations of trust present great concerns for health data exchange participants as they undermine the progress many have spent years forging. To amend the path as we move forward, some new policies could potentially serve as a remedy. These could include funding information exchange to prevent conflicts or penalties for misuse of health information. Whatever the changes might be, it’s clear that there must be changes to protect the flow of the 21st Century Cures Act.

Establishing and maintaining trust with patients and providers is key to Greenlight’s mission towards secure healthcare data exchange. While breaking down the silos that have traditionally created difficulties for patients, we keep data privacy and security at the forefront of all that we do. As we continue to lead the healthcare industry in providing individuals with greater control over their data, we remain committed to protecting records and data so patients, as well as providers, can have ease of mind with Greenlight. 

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