Interoperable Exchange of Patient Health Information Among U.S. Hospitals: 2023

Seamless and interoperable information exchange across healthcare organizations is crucial for providing clinicians with timely and relevant patient information, essential for their decision-making. ONC has tracked hospitals’ overall engagement in the four domains of interoperable exchange since 2014 to examine how industry efforts have changed the landscape. At the conclusion of their research, it was clear that most hospitals were engaging in each of the interoperable domains at some level but with a small catch – only a few hospitals reported frequently exchanging summary of care documents with most external providers. While these findings show that the industry is moving in a positive direction, it highlights the need for the healthcare industry to take further measures to foster increased interoperability.

Interoperability is at the core of Greenlight’s mission. With a solution dedicated to sharing patient healthcare data that was previously confined, it works as a cohesive system that can seamlessly share a patient’s records during their healthcare journey. Greenlight is leading the industry with increased interoperability so hospitals and medical practices can step into the future of patient care, today. 

Read more on the study here: Interoperable Exchange of Patient Health Information Among U.S. Hospitals: 2023 |

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