Individuals’ Access and Use of Patient Portals and Smartphone Health Apps, 2022

During recent years, the use of online portals to access health records and communicate with providers has significantly increased. This increase has enabled patients to closely interact with their EHR data during their health journey (such adherence to a care plan), resulting in improved patient outcomes. In new research, the impact of Cures Act Final Rule, implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, shows significant advances in access on platforms such as apps. There are also areas that have the opportunity to make improvements, such as increasing patients’ accessibility to apps that integrate health records across multiple EHR systems. With the current trajectory of app usage, the healthcare industry can expect to see these improvements in the very near future.

Greenlight stands as a remedy that grants patients access to and enables the sharing of data previously confined within isolated EHR systems. By facilitating healthcare data interoperability through digital medical record sharing, we swiftly transfer data to its necessary destinations, fostering rapid connections for a truly cohesive patient journey. We take pride in streamlining medical record sharing, leading the era of enhanced EHR data accessibility. 

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