Have EHRs been good for healthcare?

Fifteen years after the HITECH Act was passed, health system leaders are very confident in the value of EHRs, even with the challenges they’ve faced over the years. Concerns have moved to improving data sharing and connectivity between clinicians and their patients. Even with the invaluable changes EHRs have made to the patient-provider experience, health technology companies are looking to push the envelope and develop new solutions. EHRs have laid the groundwork for the next evolution of healthcare technology and with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we could see the effects in the very near future.

Greenlight is the solution that allows patients to access and share data previously held in siloed EHRs. We securely move that data to where it needs to be in minutes and connect the dots quickly to allow for a truly connected patient experience. The future of EHR data liquidity is now available.

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