Create Data Liquidity for Referral Networks

Connected Clinical Data Sharing for Heterogenous EHR Environments

Eliminate the challenge of exchanging medical record data across clinical networks operating in a heterogeneous EHR environment. Enable primary care providers to include a CCD with referrals to specialists. Reciprocate the facilitation of clinical data from specialists back to primary care post-encounter to close the loop.

Features & Benefits

  • Close the Loop on Referrals
  • Enhance Patient Experience
  • On-demand Clinical Summaries
  • Streamline Patient Intake & Onboarding
  • Data-enable Referral Networks
Doctor EMR Health Records

Greenlight Connected Patients for Medicare Advantage Populations

Patients expect a high level of care coordination and clinical communication to exist between referring providers. Make it a reality and create EHR data liquidity for your ACO or CIN. Prospectively manage risk for patient populations under value-based contracts while improving quality and patient experience.

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