Use EHR Data for Disability Benefit Determination and Claims Adjudication

Connected Health Data for Ongoing Clinical Updates

Greenlight empowers disability claimants to quickly share their EHR data with their carrier for coverage determination. Greenlight can be embedded into the online claim submission workflow, or the claims staff can invite the claimant to connect to their EHR data by email or text. When records reach the carrier in minutes, satisfaction increases for both the claimant and the claims staff.

Greenlight connected EHR data allows insurers to monitor clinical data over the course of disability coverage period. This level of clinical surveillance enables insurers to optimize beneficiary return to work transitioning.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve Claimant Experience
  • Fast-track Coverage Determination
  • Accelerate Claims Adjudication
  • Clinical Surveillance via Connected EHR Data
  • Manage Return to Work Transitioning

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