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Healthcare Data Platforms & App Developers

The healthcare industry is on a mission to achieve IHI’s Triple Aim. Consequently, demand for harnessing the power of healthcare data has never been greater. Data is the key to improving patient experience and quality, while reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

The Greenlight Health Data Solutions approach involves gathering Continuity of Care (CCD) files. As an interoperability standard, a CCD is essentially the patient’s copy of their own medical records. This highly codified data set is machine-readable and offers a longitudinal perspective of an individual’s health over time. We store CCDs in our repository and refresh them weekly, so the data is always current.

Features & Benefits

  • Highly Codified Clinical Data Set Based on Healthcare Industry Standards
  • Expand Product Portfolios
  • Fresh and Consistent EHR Data Available On-demand
  • Fresh and Consistent EHR Data Available On-demand
  • APIs are RESTful and Secured to HITRUST and HIPAA Specifications
  • Flexible Licensing Options
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Partner with Greenlight to Add Value to Your App

Healthcare data platforms and app developers use Greenlight APIs to pull out the data elements. Greenlight Health Data Solutions is positioned to enable innovation along each component of the Triple Aim, and we are seeking partners offering solutions that drive value across the healthcare landscape.